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Elevated Millennial Living 

Millennials are increasingly blurring the lines between home, work and play, sharing spaces to save money and time as well as make new friends. Interlocking Juxtapositions  elevates an environment containing both communal and personal spaces — avoiding any and all connotations of a  “dorm” for young adults. Targeted towards millennial urban living, this collection’s intended usage is predicted across a spectrum of interior and outdoor textile application including upholstery, wall coverings, carpeting, and high-end structural pieces that investigate material density with layering on fine structures. Think edgy, “new-age” sophistication; playful yet “grown-up” for those who have recently fallen into the category of grown-ups.


Initially inspired by the interlock of chain and chain-link fencing that parallels that of a knit structure, Interlocking Juxtapositions explores the deliberate clash of “hardness” vs “softness” through highly dissimilar materials, textures, and iconography. “Interlocking” suggests a sense for community and this need to belong, increasingly felt by young professionals who are living on their own for the very first time. Disassociated, cool tones are heightened when mixed with pops of red and green and metallics for a high-shine edge. A chain-link fence, for example, has an implied usage of a segregated nature. A considered approach is applied to further engage the structure by way of warping and disintegration, making something stereotypically rigid seem attractive and pleasing to look at. Similarly, colorful depictions of chains on a dark ground evoke contemporary connotations of hardness while simultaneously suggesting softness and playfulness when printed on a plush, inviting surface. In contrast, the delicate and fragile forms of lace are pushed when overlaid with a coarse texture and printed on durable upholstery fabric. Complexity is engineered and further juxtaposed through these visual and material lexicons.